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Who are we ?

ISIN Rezistans was founded in 1974 as an industrial electrical heater manufacturer. With years of continuous investments and R&D, we have become the pioneer company in our sector in Turkey.

Intense concentration on details and continuous developments of molds allowed us to produce high quality and high quantity products with less effort and labor. Afterwards, we have established our own mold workshop. Having a mold workshop, decreased our dependency to other companies for producing semi-products or raw materials.

As we were the only producer for some heating element types (cartridge heaters, coil heaters, MgO insulated nozzle heaters etc.), we have become the major solution partner for customers in our local market.

We were continuously growing to meet the customers
demands. To maintain the product standards we have decided to produce a mold for every single operation in production.

In 2002, we have started to use an exclusive software program which is an ERP, MRP, CRM integrated system. This system helped us to collect statistics of customers, their long term consumptions, price changes etc. We have spent 10 years, for data feeding since 2002.

Ultimately we currently have 11,600 different products 21,200 different semi-products. All production is computer controlled, we do not possess production managers anymore. Our customers can also track their orders from our website.

“We are not the cheapest nor the fastest”

Unlike many others, we do not intend to be the cheapest or the fastest. Our main objective is producing the best quality products for the European and American norms.

Continuously designing and producing new molds and apparats for the production of heating elements costs a lot and takes too much time as well as the necessary investments. But this is the only way to keep the same standard and to maintain the quality.

By gaining the knowledge of desired products and yearly consumptions of the customers, we can keep their products in our stocks for fast delivery. We can best work with planned production.

We also have the capability to make custom design castings and machining (aluminium and brass/bronze) for cast-in heaters inhouse, unlike many others.

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ISIN Factory
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