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  • Homogenious heat transfer

  • Full surface contact with the heating element

  • Longer life

  • Heat absorption

  • Precise heat control

  • Energy Saving (longer on/off intervals)

Why cast-in nozzle heaters instead of conventional coil heaters ?

Coil heaters may seem as a sufficient and relatively cheaper solution for nozzles.
However, there are some crucial disadvantages of conventional coil heaters.

Coil heaters are;

  • Expanding in diameter, when heated

  • Partially contacting the surface of the nozzle

  • Because of its low mass, it heat losses are very high

  • More than half of the heater surface does not touch anywhere due to its cross section

  • Due to heat losses, it is not possible to keep the desired temperature during injection

  • Frequent on/off intervals

Cast-in Nozzle heaters does not have these disadvantages.

Ultimately, its expected life time is 3 times more than a conventional coil heater.
Full surface contact prevents the cool-down of the plastic during the injection.
Because of its relatively higher mass, it absorbs and contains the heat for a long time. Therefore, it is possible to keep the desired temperature anytime.
Also on/off intervals are longer which extends the life time of the heater.

We strongly recommend cast-in nozzle heaters for high temperature plastics.

cast-in brass nozzle heater
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