Manufacturer of industrial electrical heating elements since 1974

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Manufacturer of industrial electrical heating elements since 1974

We work with imperial & metric sizes
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UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Heaters

Commonly used for heating up electronics at 30,000 ft.
Electronics, as well as critical mechanical parts can malfunction at sub-zero temperatures.
We manufacture custom tailored solutions for your applications

  • 90 Volts

  • 400 Watts

  • Moisture resistant (sealed)

  • >1500V Dielectric strength (hi-pot)

  • lightweight

  • Custom sizes available

Version 1

UAV Heaters
UAV Heaters

Version 2

UAV Heater v2
UAV heater comparison
UAV heater comparison


Version 1

  • Designed for production in early 2000s

  • 70 Grams (aprox. 2.46ons)

  • 30mm width (1.181in)

Version 2

  • Designed as a successor of the "Version 1" in 2013

  • 35 Grams (aprox. 1.23ons)

  • 12mm width (0.472in)

  • Faster heating with increased surface on a small area

Power values are the same in both versions.

UAV Heater aselsan
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